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Solihull Running ClubWhatever level a runner you are our Solihull Running Club will help you run faster, further and stay injury free!


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Solihull running club offers something for everyone

About the club

If you’re looking to start running to get fit or just for fun, or are an experienced runner looking to improve your PB’s our Solihull running club offers something for everyone.

Combining the exercise and rehab knowledge of our trainers, with the competitive experience of our running coach Mim, our running club can help you to get the most bang for your buck from your running.

Are you someone that would like to get into running?

Who we can help

  • You feel unfit and don’t know where to start
  • You want to start but can’t quite make the commitment to get going
  • You start a running program but quickly get niggling injuries that stop you in your tracks
  • You run to a good standard, but can’t find enough time to get to the next level and hit new PB’s

A proven system that works

The club itself

If any of the above apply to you our Solihull running club is perfect for you.  By making the commitment to run with the group you will love the atmosphere and experience that will keep you motivated to keep coming back.  We cater for all levels and there will always be someone in the group at a similar level that you can buddy up with.

Before you start your program we will assess you thoroughly for any injuries (or potential injuries) that might stop you in your tracks, and provide corrective exercises to prevent them from happening.  Along with technical coaching to ensure you are using the best running style for your body we will make sure you can continue to make steady progress without picking up irritating injuries.

Meet Angela Brickley

“Having always led a healthy lifestyle, I got to my 30’s and relaxed a little too much. I gained over 3 stone and saw my weight increase to almost 14 stone. I found I had developed low self esteem as well as the condition rheumatoid arthritis. My joints were weakened causing me considerable pain.

Attending training sessions with Dan as well as following a personally tailored dietary plan also designed by Dan has allowed me to regain my physical fitness. The change in diet and physical activity has practically dispersed my pain and my weight loss of nearly 4 stone has given me a new lease of life.

On a personal note, my confidence is paramount and I am physically fitter than I was in my 20’s all thanks to Dan’s expert training.”

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Trained by a coach that has competed at the top level of endurance sport

Our coach Mim has competed at the top level of endurance sport, including competing in IronMan Hawaii so can push even the most seasoned runners to improve their PB’s and the sessions we do in the running club for advanced runners are normally the ones that you are more likely to shirk on when doing them yourselves!

If you’re not convinced yet here are some reasons you should join our Solihull Running Club

  • Protect yourself from running-related injuries by taking advantage of our biomechanical screening and corrective exercise advice.
  • Complete guidance on exactly what exercise is right for you- and programs for you to work to either with or without our supervision.
  • Attend races with the group for awesome days out!
  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice to maximise your recovery and allow you to run harder and more often!
  • Time-efficient running plans to improve without needing to do multiple hours a week!
  • A group providing a social experience as well as a bit of friendly competition

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The Benefits

  • Improve your P.B’s
  • Meet new friends and training partners
  • Protect yourself from injury
  • Carefully planned programs