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This is where we’re supposed to tell you all about us and what we do.  You can find out about each of our trainers on their bio pages, but for me the most important thing “About Us” is that we create the best possible experience for you!

Mission Statement

“To empower clients to achieve the healthiest and happiest version of themselves through the promotion of physical activity and realistic lifestyle choices”

In order to achieve this there are a number of components of “how we do things” that are important to us!Creating a community that you look forward to visiting!

So not everyone “loves” working out, but whether you love it or not, we believe that if it takes place in an environment you enjoy going to, where you can meet like minded friends and trainers that make you welcome and know how to have fun then you are more likely to make it a regular commitment!

Part of a community

It’s important to us that you are part of a community of people that are all trying to lose weight, get stronger, fitter and healthier or just improve their lifestyle and we put on a number of social events to strengthen these supportive relationships.

  • An approach that’s based on your needs that places proven and consistent methods over “flavor of the month” trends.

Fitness trends come and go, some work (most don’t) but there are many proven principles of exercise and nutrition that work time and again. We prioritise your results above all else and regardless of the background and preference of the trainer you will be given a program 100% based on your requirements, capabilities and commitments and only ever utilising “What Really Works!”

Constantly Re-evaulating

We are also constantly re-evaluating our methods in order to make sure we not only know What Really Works, but are up to date on What Works Best!

  • Teaching you everything you need to know for a healthy lifestyle

Whether you train with us for 3-months or 3-years we are committed to teaching you how to exercise effectively without supervision as well as how to make informed nutrition choices that are aligned with your long-term goals!  We believe the value you get from us is just as much based on the knowledge and support that you leave us with to continue your journey, as the great results you achieve at the time.

Meet Angela Brickley

“Having always led a healthy lifestyle, I got to my 30’s and relaxed a little too much. I gained over 3 stone and saw my weight increase to almost 14 stone. I found I had developed low self esteem as well as the condition rheumatoid arthritis. My joints were weakened causing me considerable pain.

Attending training sessions with Dan as well as following a personally tailored dietary plan also designed by Dan has allowed me to regain my physical fitness. The change in diet and physical activity has practically dispersed my pain and my weight loss of nearly 4 stone has given me a new lease of life…”

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Exclusive “Members Only” Exercise & Nutrition

We provide exclusive “members-only” exercise and nutrition information to help you understand the best training and nutrition methods so you can apply them yourself.  Plus once you’ve been a member of ours we will continue to provide you with this information as well as exclusive training programs even when you’ve finished your journey with us.

A No-Stone-Unturned Approach utilizing the widest range of expertise imaginable

The 2 things that drive our programs are Your Requirements and What Really Works and What Works Best?

To tailor a program to you we find out as much as possible about your body and how it works- then we apply the most effective methods that are suitable to your goals.

It’s impossible for one person to know everything about training and nutrition for every single goal- so we combine the individual expertise of our team members to create the best program possible…

We don’t miss the opportunity to make your body stronger

Our assessments are created by our physiotherapist to make sure we don’t overlook a potential injury and ensure we don’t miss the opportunity to get your body stronger than you ever imagined.

Our training programs are researched, designed and constantly improved by our physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach to make sure that you’re getting the most effective and appropriate program for you.

Our nutrition blueprint has been designed by our nutrition coaches who constantly review each individual program as well as researching and applying any new developments.

We invest in the most advanced ongoing training courses for our trainers. Any service or methods we use at Cre8 you can rest assured we learned it from the best and apply it within our framework of “What really works and What works best!”

Finally all of our trainers work as a team to provide you with the most flexibility in your schedule rather than having to work around a trainers schedule, while still providing you with the same consistent results-based methods.

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