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Why Strength Training?


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Why do we use strength training as our most effective method of changing your bodyshape?

When people think of exercise to change body shape they tend to think of cardio to burn calories. This is actually ineffective (and has proven to be) for a number of reasons- but mainly because cardio does not increase your metabolism significantly and when people start doing more cardio and burning more calories, they automatically (and unconsciously) start to eat more!

This doesn’t mean it doesn’t work- if you’re nutrition is correct then any activity that burns more calories will help- but there is an industry term of “skinny fat” that describes someone that is thin but is a bit soft in appearance, no muscle definition, will tend to have more issues with lose skin etc.

With strength training you overcome this as you both build muscle and drop bodyfat- giving you a toned appearance and (only for those that want it and put in the extra work) a bit more muscle in certain places (such as the derriere!)

Strength training along with an appropriate nutrition plan has always been our preferred and most successful method of fat loss and happens to have a number of additional benefits such as…

1- Increases your metabolism so you burn more calories doing nothing!

The more muscle you have then more calories you burn- it’s easier to lose bodyfat and MUCH easier to keep it off as your body can tolerate more calories without gaining fat!

2- Enhanced Fat Burning

Muscles are major fat burning cells in your body- the more muscle cells you have the more factories you have burning fat constantly!

3- Increase strength

THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR FOR HEALTHY AGING is how much muscle you have and how strong you are. This has been proven by a Tuffts University study showing that being strong was more important for long term health and longevity than most of the factors we normally associate with healthy or unhealthy aging including cholesterol, bone density, blood sugar levels, blood pressure etc.

Yes that’s correct- someone that is strong and has good muscle mass yet has high blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar is statistically more likely to live long and healthy than someone that has normal blood pressure, cholesterol etc, yet is weak and has little muscle mass!

Strength training is actually the fountain of youth!

4-  Improve posture and prevent injury

Strength training (done correctly) strengthens every part of your body to support your joints and improve your posture- making you less prone to work or sports related injuries and reducing the niggling pains you might get as a result of poor posture!

5- Increases confidence and self-esteem

Go on admit it… being stronger makes you feel pretty good about yourself! Just imagine you can walk into a room and know you can do more push ups than people half your age and take most of them out in an arm wrestle 😀

6- Gives more frequent feedback

With strength training it is much easier to see on a weekly basis how much you’re progressing, which makes you feel pretty good and motivates you further!

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