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15 years of experience in Personal Training

How it works

If you’re on the lookout for a personal trainer, it’s probable that what you’re actually looking for is a result.  With over 15 years of experience personal training in Solihull, a team of experts in various fields of training and a proven system of assessment, nutrition and exercise programs we can guarantee you results from your personal training or your money back!


Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You find the gym intimidating or boring?
  • You go to the gym but don’t really know what to do?
  • You have injuries or movement issues that prevent you getting the most out of your workout?
  • You train hard but don’t feel your strength and fitness is improving?
  • You’re not experiencing any changes in your bodyshape despite training hard?
  • You play sport to a high level and need a more scientific approach to your training?

Why choose 1-1 personal training?

One to one training

One to one training means that your program is tailored specifically to you.  Our team of trainers have the experience, knowledge and skills to identify your needs and create the most effective program to meet your needs. Additionally we are the only provider of personal training in Solihull that has trainers that are experts in various fields, from strength and conditioning to physiotherapy and corrective exercise.

Everything we do - the facility, the coaches and the training methods are designed to give you the best possible training experience

Your Experience

  • A fun and inclusive environment to train in with people that are serious about results, but supportive of other members!
  • No confusion over what to do in the gym- we provide you with complete instruction on what to do and how to do it, even when you’re not with us!
  • The most effective workouts that will get your results in the quickest possible time!
  • Peace of mind that everything you do in the gym is safe and appropriate for you and designed with your capabilities and your results in mind!
  • Training and nutrition that will provide you with fast results, but will NEVER compromise your long-term health in that quest!
  • Everything you need to achieve results including nutrition and lifestyle advice, all backed up by a combination of scientific evidence and proven results!

Meet Jo McCabe

“The best thing about dropping 4 dress sizes is I can buy clothes from any store”

“once I got used to the changes they were easy, I actually started to really enjoy this new lifestyle”

“I have learned to eat to not get hungry, and as a result the weight has fallen off me.”

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Jo McCabe success story

Guaranteed Results

With our personal training in Solihull, we provide every element you need to succeed including exercise, nutrition and lifestyle advice, support, knowledge and accountability.  As we are a private studio there are many added benefits including no waiting times and no gym dinosaurs with ego’s bigger than their muscles- just a fun and welcoming facility designed for your needs and your results!  And if you don’t achieve your agreed results we will be happy to give you your money back!



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