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Semi Private Training Take the attention to detail and tailored workouts of our personal training and add in the motivating, fun and social experience of a group and you will see why our semi-private personal training programs get great results!


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What is Semi-Private Personal Training?


Our semi-private personal training was developed to help you achieve the best results possible by combining the personalized exercise and nutrition knowledge of our expert coaches, the camaraderie, support and fun of training in a group and spread the cost so you can have more supervised sessions to achieve your goals faster!

You will still get a personalized program and individual assessments, but will work with a group of people (max 6 people) just like you.  Unless you have a serious injury or medical condition that requires 100% supervision you will get all the benefits of personal training, but at a fraction of the cost!

In fact the access to more sessions and support of the rest of the group means you may get even more out of these programs than 1 on 1 personal training!

Who is Semi-Private Personal Training Suitable For?

Who for

Some people actually prefer to train in a group, while others may benefit from spreading the cost of personal training to get more sessions!  Whatever your motivation for training you will benefit from semi-private personal training if…

  • You find the gym intimidating or boring!
  • You attend classes but don’t get the results you are looking for!
  • You have injuries or movement issues that prevent you getting the most out of your workout!
  • You train hard but don’t feel your strength and fitness is improving!
  • You want to look better and have more energy and fitness!

Our Semi-Private Personal Training programs come with a guarantee that you will lose weight, get fitter and stronger and gain more energy, or your money back!

How it works


We have designated time slots for semi-private personal training, allocated to different workouts.  You simply need to book into whichever session(s) suit you!  Alternatively if you have a group that you would like to train with we can put on additional sessions to suit you!  Click here to check out our current semi-private personal training schedule  (Link to zen planner etc when setup!)

Meet Richard Starkey

“Since I joined cre8studio in September 2008 my body fat percentage has fallen from 21% to 15% and hopefully is still falling. I have lost 2″ from my waist and increased my chest measurements by 2″.

My diet has been totally re-focussed and I have minimal cravings for sugary foods, to the extent that I no longer enjoy these food types. I also have a regular sleep pattern and generally awake in the morning ready and able to cope with the challenges that lie ahead in my everyday life.”

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